Preplanning your funeral presents a most loving, considerate gift to your family. Making these important decisions today, will protect your loved ones from dealing with complex choices at a difficult time. And by prepaying for your arrangements, you will further protect them from the burden of possible unexpected expenses at the time of death, and you would eliminate the potential of emotional overspending – by your acquiring of a guaranteed, inflation-proof, funeral or cremation plan.

You can register with D’Anjolell Memorial Homes & Crematory to get a Preferred Provider Card ; this lets your loved ones know you have already chosen your funeral provider.

Michael Lensy is our Advance Planning Funeral Director / Certified Preplanning Consultant, he is available at any time, day or night, to discuss and confirm your choices. If you prefer, he can even make arrangements in the comfort of your own home. Michael possesses a wealth of knowledge when it comes to preplanning, and he can share helpful information to assist you in making informed decisions, before the need arises.

Preplanning is Peace of Mind. Call Michael today, to learn more about the most loving gift you can give to your family ; you’ll be glad you did  – and by doing so, you would be eliminating whether it be an emotional or a financial burden, from those loved ones you leave behind.  “Today, not tomorrow …………… together, not alone.”


Why Preplan?

By making decisions in advance, loved ones can support one another at home when the death occurs, instead of making arrangements at a funeral home.

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Preplanning Checklist

Here you will find a list of all the paperwork and documents we will need from you in order to make arrangements.

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preplan a funeral

Preplan a Funeral

Relieve your family from the stress of arranging your funeral by preplanning with D’Anjolell Memorial Homes & Crematory.

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preplan cremation

Preplan Cremation

Preplan a cremation service with D’Anjolell Memorial Homes & Crematory to ensure all your wishes will be carried out exactly as you want.

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